Der Schmidt Max
auf der Suche

The popular host explores the topics of happiness, adventure, togetherness, and time, meeting people from all over Bavaria

BR | 4 x 45 minutes, 4 x 30 minutes

In a new format, he meets people who not only share their personal views on happiness, adventure, community and time, but also let Max immerse himself in these experiences. In the first four episodes, Max meets experienced travelers and explorers. He wants to know whether wealth really does bring happiness, feels the stress of a night shift before slowing down in the mountains and supports a village community in saving their beloved inn from closure.

Schmidt Max goes in search of inspiration on the big issues of our time – always in his familiar style that the audience appreciates: warm, open, humorous and above all authentically Bavarian.

BR / south & browse GmbH / Schelke Bonnetsmüller

South & Browse - Dokumentation - Der Schmidt Max auf der Suche
South & Browse Filmproduktion - Der Schmidt Max auf der Suche