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About us

We create television for heart, brain and eye: emotional, relevant and attractive. Since the noughties south&browse has created output for almost all German-speaking TV channels. Over 60 formats and series. Nearly all developed in-house. A manufactory from draft to on-air design. Programs in dokcumentary&entertainment as well as knowledge&society. Factual entertainment with high-end post-production.


Terra X


World history from a new perspective. With high-end technology, we immerse ourselves in large, historical locations, show the people and unknown details that have influenced the course of history. Told in documentary form, but illustrated in a new way using VFX technology. "Terra X", History series, ZDF.


Germanys most popular knowledge magazine. For almoust 20 years „Galileo“ has been standing for science with entertaining qualitiy: action-packed experiments, social phenomena, everyday relevant tests and enjoyable insights. „Galileo“, magazin, daily at 07.00 pm, ProSieben.

Die Ära Merkel


Galileo Grenzbereiche




The VFX-history-format. We freeze time in the big moments of our world history and change the course of history. What went wrong on the Titanic or in Tschernobyl? Our host delves into the frozen moments. „Timefreeze“, science fiction goes factual, ProSieben.

Exklusive Einblicke


Sat.1 reporter Delf Deicke goes in search of clues on the film sets of the "Harry Potter" films in London, takes a look behind the scenes of the "Mehr! Theatre in Hamburg and offers background information on one of the most famous film series in the world. "Exklusive Einblicke", Documentary two-parter, Sat.1

Birgits starke Frauen


Women who go their own way. Women who do not become dependent. Women who realise their dreams. In "Birgit's strong women" Birgit Schrowange meets unknown as well as well-known women and tells their special stories with them. "Birgit's strong women", reportage series, Sat.1

Heimat der Rekorde


Every country is full of unknown uniqueness and records: locations, -people and -storys. From the worlds oldest pub to a dog training record. „Heimat der Rekorde“, factual entertainment, BR.



Experience your homeland in a new way. Between old traditions and new trends: relevant, entertaining, innovativ, easy-going. Storys from handcraft to musik, cuisine and the bavarian lifestyle. „Heimatrauschen“, magazin, BR.

Bavaria has its own opinions, events and traditions. The prime time format "Experience Bavaria - The Magazine" picks up this very special Bavarian rhythm in every issue. And tells the stories of the local people. „Bayern erleben - Das Magazin“, magazine, monthly, BR.

So liebt Deutschland

In "So liebt Deutschland" celebs like Claudia Obert, Jürgen Milski and Desirée Nick comment the sexual habits of Germans in a funny and entertaining way. What turns they on in bed? Are they making love or are they just having sex? How long is their foreplay? Forsa statistics and our celebrities have the answer. "So liebt Deutschland", Magazin, Sat.1

Die Kamerahelden


Six pupils from different schools compete against each other in a photography competition. They are coached by professional photographers. The episodes and challenges show how different the teens, the life in their schools and the tricks of photography are. "Die Kamerahelden", casting show for photography, KiKa.



Current topics - presented precisely and credibly in large reports, everyday tests, with a hidden camera. The extraordinary journalistic view of human fate behind the investigative reports. “Akte”, reportage magazine, Sat.1.

Zervakis & Opdenhövel. Live.


Zervaks and Opdenhövel "talk to those affected, those responsible, experts and prominent guests in the new studio about pressing social issues of our time. They meet people on their mission. They look behind the scenes of events and happenings in detailed reports. Magazine, Pro7

Mix Up Art

(Sky Arts)

Zwo artists, two days, one experiment. They come from different worlds of art and create together one masterpeace. Performace artist meets actress, sculptor meets hiphop-queen… „Mix Up Art“, factual entertainment, SkyArts.

Rekorde des Nordens (NDR)


Olivia Jones takes the viewers on a journey to be amazed. In „Rekorde des Nordens“ she goes on a search for amusing and surprising records, the north of Germany has on offer. On her way she meets incredible superlatives and the people behind them. „Rekorde des Nordens“, Factual Entertainment, NDR.


(Sat.1 GOLD)

The VW-bus music roadmovie: pop stars on the road with our hosts Evelyn Weigert and Maximilian Arland. They visit extraordinary places of their homeland, always with a song on their lips. The stories and the playlist of their lives – funny, spontaneous, captivating and with catchy song guaranty. Der Schlagerbulli - factual music entertainment, Sat.1 GOLD

Mannsbild & Pfundskerl


The duel across bavaria: easygoing trendsetter against traditional folk musician. Authentic competitions with tradition, handcraft and trend: fisherman twinge, riding cows, downhill racing or lace-making. „Mannsbild & Pfundskerl“, factual entertainment, BR.

Jetzt. Besser. Leben.

Miss Wildcard


Prominent ladies try to win the most extraordinary beauty contest of the world: miss dracula, miss burlesque, miss cherry blossom, miss comic. The entre for every miss contest is a wildcard. „Miss Wildcard“, factual entertainment, Sky1.

Mein schönes Heim


Das Model und der Freak


Der große Jugendreport


Stars & Stories




Bier on Tour

(Servus TV)

We are Family


Wir sind schwanger


Die Einrichter


Mein Mann, sein Hobby und ich


Das 100.000 Euro Haus


15 Dinge






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