Die Spur

ZDF | 28 minutes each

Antibiotics: not available! Germany is running out of medicines. There are shortages in hospitals and pharmacies. These include vital antibiotics, without which our healthcare system would not function. How could this happen?

For the documentary series “Die Spur” on ZDF, we investigate social and political events. From grievances and scandals to crimes: Each episode begins with a lead, a decisive moment that raises the question: “How could this happen?”

South & Browse - Dokumentation - Die Spur
South & Browse filmproduktion - Dokumentation - Die Spur

Our team of reporters researches and reconstructs these incidents to track down those responsible. For these investigations, we use open-source intelligence (OSINT) and methods of image and context analysis to examine digital networks, establish connections and recognize correlations. Our aim with “Die Spur” is to make the findings transparent and understandable for our audience.